Why Is MLM Bad

Just like mushrooms on a rainy day, MLMs have sprouted and made its scene from all over the world. MLMs are popping up all over the world and many have resorted to work with them due to their sheer size but how much does the average person know about the average mlm business software and how they tend to perform? We also know little to nothing about MLMs in short. As of 2018, 18 million Americans were involved with MLMs. We’ve gathered some reasons as to why MLMs are bad for you and why you should not participate in them. 

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You probably have seen YouTube videos about these success stories saying they’ve become a millionaire by just working for these MLMs. Well that’s far from the truth. The first thing we should all be aware of is that out of the 100% of people who join mlm, only 1% ever can tell that success story because the rest 99% fails. This is because the average 99% earns around 839$ per year and it does not override the costs of them buying the products. Imagine buying a 1000$ herbalife set but only being able to sell 839$ worth of them and this is excluding transportation. Doing the calculation here, you’re actually making a loss in your company. The person who is your superior makes more money because he is able to get a cut from what you earn. 

Next, MLM’s alienate your relationships from friends and family. Your pursuit to earn some extra cash might be the very fall of your relationships. Many MLM sellers don’t realise how difficult it is for family to say no to your products when all they want to do is to support you. So much so that some of them will forcefully buy your products even if they don’t like it. This will cause them to start alienating you due to the fact they don’t want to spend 500$ on herbal life when they want to meet you. In short, if you plan on working for an MLM, we’ll advise you to keep the MLM side of you away from everything else. Some MLM promoters will even force their friends to become their underlings so they can get a commission out of their pay. 

MLMs are designed for the leaders to earn money not you. If you don’t make enough and blame the system, the system will attack you. The MLM industry is stacked against you and they will not hesitate to blame your losses on you even though they take the commissions. People who give up their MLM lifestyle after incurring losses are often shunned upon in the MLM community. If you’re not ready to be disliked by a community, you’d better not join an MLM. The odds are stacked against you the moment you enter, don’t hope for changes just because you are entering in MLMs.

Finally, we hope you take our tips on why MLMs are not good and apply them to your own life. MLMs are a great way to earn money if you’re in the top but not if you think you’re able to climb ranks. It’s a job for the brave and we wish you good luck. 

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