Where to Take up Diploma Studies Best



Many universities offer diploma studies now because the demand has steadily increased over the years. Let us face it, even with the numerous job opportunities in many countries, locally and abroad, the competition makes it difficult to get a job even with a degree. A diploma is the most practical education to go for, financially wise. 

One amongst the top universities in Malaysia is the Widad University. Some of the courses offered in this university are qualified not just in Malaysia but also internationally with the school’s overseas partners. This ensures a versatile and supported education that is locally relevant and internationally accepted. 

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Particularly skillful academic professors teach the students from across the planet. Also, the same meticulous standards are implemented to all the university campuses. The academic schools of the university produce graduates who are fully equipped to carry out whatever 21st century obstacles they might face. The university also promises to produce graduates who will make a difference in people’s lives with research studies. The campus is committed to creating a positive impact on society and improving the human condition. To this end, the university has established several multidisciplinary platforms that enable scientists within the region to work on global challenges within the areas of Medicine and Biology, Advanced Engineering and Global Asia in the 21st Century.


School of Arts and Social Sciences First-year units
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences Media Studies
Bachelor of Digital Media and


Communication Technologies and Practices
  Introduction to World Politics and History
  And one of the following,
  Television studies: Forms and approaches and 

Film studies: Forms and approaches

  Introduction to Journalism 
  Introduction to Gender studies and Introduction to Sexuality studies
School of Business  
Bachelor of Business and Commerce Accounting in Business or Financial Accounting 
  Malaysian Business Law
  Introductory Microeconomics
  Economics and Business Statistics or Introduction to Business Analytics
  Marketing Theory and Practice
School of Information Technology  
Bachelor of Computer Science Introduction to Data Science
  Introduction to Algorithms and Programming
  Introduction to Computer systems, Networks and Security
  IT professional Practice and Ethics
  Discrete and Continuous Mathematics for Computer Science
School of Science  
Bachelor of Science Blueprints for Life
Bachelor of Food Science and


Life on Earth
Bachelor of Medical Bioscience Advance Chemistry 1
  Advance Chemistry 2
  Introduction to Statistical Reasoning 

Now, do you have pre-university or foundation year qualifications but need another chance to earn a degree? This one-year diploma course program is your one-way ticket to a degree. It gives you the opportunity to review first-year units in four of the schools:

  • Arts and Social sciences
  • Business
  • IT
  • Science 

One can then qualify for the second year of a selected degree. You have seven degrees to settle on from across the four participating schools. Whichever you decide on, you will want to evaluate the six units associated with your degree and two required study-skills units, Learning Instructions and Academic Literacies, in your first year. Take note that this course just takes one year of full-time study to finish. There are even other cool courses such as bidang pengurusan pejabat