What Is Penetration Testing

Pen testing is also known as penetration testing which is an ethical hacking system and is used to test a computer system, websites, and network to detect any weakness in the systems that can lead to victimizing the system and being exploited. Penetration is like a software application that can be automated and used manually. The methods involve collecting data regarding the target before performing the test, detecting any possible ingestion, and points where it can be an easy attempt to break in, and finally reporting the details and search for it. The main objection of penetration testing is to spot security vulnerabilities, its adhesion to concession requirements, the security and privacy awareness of the employees, and the capability of the facility to detect and retaliate to security occurrence. 

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Most of the time pen testing that is able to detect and exploit security weakness is agglomeration and offered to the facility’s IT and network department to allow them to build a deliberate and strategic decision and focus on remediation efforts. Pen tests are the place where good guys attack the system, which also known as white hat attacks.  There is Malaysia penetration testing expert that can be utilized for your organization.

The main goal of penetration is to be able to detect and identify any vulnerabilities in the system’s security software and to estimate the pliability of the security policy, to determine ways to handle a security disaster, and test the employee’s privacy and security awareness of security problems. The more they are focus on the security system weakness, the more they are able to overcome the security problem. For example, even though security policy focuses on avoiding and identifying an attack on the systems, that policy might not have a proper process and method to expel a hacker.

Usually, a facility or organization should do pen testing as often as possible, maybe once a year to make sure more stability in the network security and IT department. Pentest is ideally to be used especially when an organization or facility adds extra or new network structure or applications when the organization makes a particular upgrade and changes to its application and structure.

However, because penetration testing is not one-size-fits-all, when a company should engage in pen testing also depends on several other factors, including:

Due to penetration testing not being one-size-fits-all, a company should keep in touch in pen testing when it depends on several other factors like the size of the organization. Usually, organizations with a big and huge presence tend to be easy targets and thus are more effective targets to hackers. Pen testing can be slightly costly and so a company that only has a small budget stands no chance of being able to perform annually. An organization with a small budget usually performs a pen test once every two years while a more stable company with larger budgets can perform a pen test once a year. 

Also, there are rules and regulations that are required by certain companies to be followed to be able to perform several security tasks, even pen-testing. An organization whose system is in the cloud is not able to test the cloud provider’s structure. Pen testing should be customized to the individual organization that it functions and should encompass the updates and estimate tasks to be able to detect any weakness in the latest pen test and report the following tests.

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