Top 3 Fields to Study in Malaysia

In the current climate of the economy in Malaysia, the recent pandemic has been ruining the economy for the country as a whole. The current CMCO has been making Malaysia lose millions of ringgit every day. Even so, companies must remain to be functional to support and restore Malaysia’s dying economy. Students and fresh graduates are always being seeked by the work force to come join them to work. In this article, we will list the top 3 fields to study in Malaysia to work in the most demanded job industry in Malaysia. These jobs pay the most money as they are the most demanded types of specializations in Malaysia and we can never have enough experts in these fields. It’s either you make money through studying in these fields, or you can make lots of money by becoming a broker forex malaysia

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By studying in these three fields, you can guarantee yourself in getting a stable income and a job that will stick with you for most of your life. Jobs in these industries are known to be very stable so you will not have to worry about losing your job due to an unstable industry or job position. We will start to list the top three fields to study in Malaysia here.


  • Engineering


Engineering is one of the most sought out jobs for both the employer and the employees in this job industry. Becoming an engineer will allow you to work on so many different aspects of engineering. From mechanical to electrical, automotive, chemical, petroleum, software, and robotics. Working in this field is one of the most beneficial jobs to have as an occupation. From free health and dental insurance to salary bonuses based on your performance as an engineer. By working as an engineer, you can also expect to keep your job as the engineering industry is one of the most stable job industries in Malaysia.


  • Computer Science


Computer Science is also one of the most looked for jobs and most companies all over Malaysia looks for people who specialize in computer science. These companies look for these people to perform maintenance and optimization on their computer equipment and internal networks as these problems are a bit too much for them to handle. They hire people who are specialized in computer science who are experts in their field to settle their problems. This field also pays well due to the lack of computer science experts nowadays.


  • Business


Business is an ever changing and evolving industry that needs leaders to take charge and be on top of things when it does evolve into something greater. Studying in the field of business will pay off once you get deeply involved in the world of business. You can even set up your own business and make a lot of money by implementing and applying whatever you have learnt in your business courses. Most companies nowadays need consultation with business experts on whether their companies are managing their finances properly. For a related article, click here