How To Stay Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic?

The coronavirus remains a major public health threat. Viruses are continuously evolving, and new forms appear. The Delta variation is now the most prevalent coronavirus strain in Malaysia.

You should be aware of the following:

  •       The Delta form of the virus is more infectious, produces more infections, and spreads more quickly than the original virus.
  •       In unvaccinated persons, the Delta variation may cause more severe disease than earlier variants.

Despite the fact that vaccinations give excellent protection against severe illness and death, fully vaccinated persons can become infected with and spread the Delta form.

That is why, the government has come out with standard operation procedures that should be followed by all citizens without exception. Here are some of the safety measures that you can follow to stay safe during this hard time.


  1.       Get vaccinated

Getting vaccinated will not make you free from any risk of infection but it certainly will help to reduce the symptoms and side effects that you will experience after you recover from the disease. Each country that vaccinates their citizens has only one goal which is to achieve herd immunity that aids in reducing the number of infections and slowing the spreading.

  1.       Stay at home and go out only when necessary

The most important thing that you need to do is to reduce physical contact with any strangers and outsiders. This is mainly because you never know where these people had been and who they had been meeting before they met you. Go out for necessary reasons such as grocery shopping or go to work if you are working at the essential companies.

  1.       Always wash your hands and sanitize

Washing and sanitising your hands helps to kill the bacteria to prevent you from bringing along the virus and bacteria everywhere you go. If you have the facilities such as toilets or kitchens, wash your hands using soap for extra measures. Bring along hand sanitiser and you can get it easily at any stores nearby. If your job requires you to meet people at their offices, bring along a handy disinfectant from Dr. Clo.

  1.       Always put on a mask

Wearing a mask should be normalised by everyone during this time because without it, no one will ever get the chance to get out of their houses without the risk of getting infected. On aircraft, buses, trains, and other kinds of public transportation moving into, through, or out of Malaysia, as well as while indoors at Malaysia’s. Transportation hubs such as airports and stations, wearing a mask over your nose and mouth is mandatory.

  1.       Prioritise medical approaches

These past few months have been so hard and even if you are staying inside of your house and not going anywhere could make you get infected. And that is why, you should always prioritise medical approaches if you feel like there is something off with your body. If you feel unwell such as having a flu, striking high fever, or experiencing other symptoms such as losing sense of smell and taste, you should straight away go to the nearest hospital or any healthcare places to get yourself tested.