How To Decorate Your Brand New Office 

24 hours of the day and almost one-third of the day we spend it at work. Our sleeping hours, entertainment hours, or leisure hours are less than the time we would spend in our office. Your office space is the designated space for your maximum productivity and efficiency. 

From signing the boring contracts, having a laugh with our colleagues, making exciting new proposals, finishing up the mundane daily tasks, we do it all in our office space. When we first get our new space or get a new office, we don’t think of how this environment could affect us. 

But recent studies suggest that the environment design does play a significant role in the productivity and motivation of employees. If you are feeling tired at work and feeling a lag in work, it may truly be due to the design of your new office. Sometimes an office with plants and glass office partitions Malaysia might make a difference in our work. So how can you spruce up your brand new space to spruce up on productivity and motivation? 

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Get Some Plants For Your Office 

Plants are life. They literally give us the oxygen that we need to breathe. Besides being a source for survival, they’re proven to have many health benefits as well. They can improve our blood circulation, improve our mental health by uplifting our mood, preventing depression, and calming our anxiety. In the workspace, it can bring color to the office making our work seem much more vibrant and exciting than it actually may be. It can make us work faster and much more efficiently because we are in a better mood. It can also ease our minds and help us make more calm and informed decisions. Plants do have an impact we don’t realize, and it may be useful to utilize them in our office space. 

Get Some Wall Art Or Framed Art 

Art can be visually engaging. Much like plants, it becomes a source of vibrancy, artistic and exciting notion in the office space. Who would not want to make their office space a more warm and welcoming space for themselves and others? When we make our surrounding more optimistic and free, our mind is also engaging in the same manner. While it may not have a direct impact on motivation, it stimulates our mood which has a direct impact on how motivated we are for our work. The art we choose for our office is a reflection of who we are, our goals, and our personality as well. It a good sign of how we make a home of our office. 

There is more than one way to decorate our brand new office space. Simply one of the biggest things we can do for our space is incorporating elements of productivity. This includes splurging a little on the stationery we love, including notebooks, pens, favorite digital pen, some brand new keyboards, and even a beautiful calendar and a planner. 

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