Good University Courses For A Good Career

In today’s economy where everything is uncertain, landing a job can be a huge burden. This is because the job opportunities in the job hunting market are decreasing depressingly due to the heightened living costs as well as lack of resources that many corporations are currently facing. Due to the unexpected situation where the whole world was hit with the COVID-19 virus, it has shaken the grounds like no one has before. A lot of things are going topsy-turvy due to it. Now that the scientists have been working hard after millions of deaths, we are finally at the stage where we are about to get the accurate vaccination to help build our immune system to fight the virus better. However, because of the COVID pandemic, the whole world seems to shut down. The overall system is delayed which impacts the economy so badly.

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In Malaysia, there are so many companies in the corporate world which are deciding to shut down completely as things are not going as smoothly as before and they have had to bear a lot of losses in terms of time and money. Many permanent employees had to be retrenched too as corporations are trying their best in cutting down unnecessary financial burdens. Because of this, a lot of them who are with years of experience are still lingering amongst the job market hoping to land a job despite it being for entry level applications. This just shows how bad our economy is and how the future job opportunities are looking; it is going downhill. Therefore, in the light of trying to harness a good future career in a few more years, the first thing you have to focus on is to get into university. 

When we talk about university, many SPM candidates mourn in sadness as they try to visualise their future doing the things they love the most. But it is pointless for them to do so because they do not know what they wish for. That is why before you finish and graduate your school days, one of the things you have to think of is the field you wish to undertake in university. When you finally know the target of your future, you can finally focus on achieving good SPM results that will get you a place in the program. 

Here are some of the good university courses that will help in guaranteeing you a stable career in the future:

Computing And Information Technology (IT)

As we are living closely with many technological innovations in our daily lives, this particular course is very beneficial for you if you wish to land a good career. As there are many booming companies trying their luck in this field, you will get to see many job opportunities coming from there. One of the job roles you can venture in is artificial intelligence or intelligent systems. This will navigate you through brilliant innovations such as robots and human-like figures that one day can hopefully substitute human services in areas that mankind has trouble handling with. You can even venture in cyber security where you will be needed to master the coding language as you will have to surround yourself with the computing language in making sure the operating system is secure enough to be storing personal data from users. 


In this course, you will be given a lot of options to major in. You can choose either English, Mathematics, Physical Education and many others which you resonate the most and are passionate about teaching. The important thing of being in the education field is that you have a strong desire to deliver the best for your future students. You can venture into the teaching sector once you have graduated because this is definitely a stable job especially when you manage to get a job in the government sector. This will definitely be a good point to be put in your resume and serve as a selling point of your skills. Other than that, you can even go into the writing field when you are able to master the English language well. Doing education does not mean you have to go for teaching as there are broader fields for you to try your luck on. As the writing industry is budding progressively nowadays, you will be able to land a job in any SEO company Malaysia which are always on the lookout for talented writers like yourself. 

Business Management

In business management,  you will be learning a lot in the business field the world is buzzing about. As many creatives are venturing in building their own business brands independently, you can learn a lot from them too. You will be exposed to business strategies and mannerisms that you should be having to last long in this industry. The careers that are awaiting you are a lot such as becoming a business administrator, a business person yourself and many more. You can even build your own business name from scratch with all the education that you have managed to learn during your tertiary education level. 


In communication courses, there are so many fun and intellectual subjects you can major in. you will be learning a lot of things about how the communications and marketing world works. A lot of the behind the scenes that we as the general public never know, you will have the privilege to be exposed to it as a communication student. There are many careers that are stable and good for you such as public relations, advertising, journalism and many more. This course enhances you in many aspects that help in preparing yourself to work in various branches of communications. You need to remember that just because this course name is communication, it does not mean everything is about communicating and all that. You will learn a lot in regards to this field and you will finally know how wide and broad it is. You are able to venture in many more job positions when you are a communications graduate.