Fiber Optic Internet is worth the investment?

Internet speed has always been a major consumer complaint. Many ISPs promise a lot and are sometimes unable to deliver on the speed they offer. To make matters worse, there are services that require minimal bandwidth to function.

Fiber optics, in addition to being the technology that offers the greatest benefits in terms of speed and bandwidth, allows increasing the productivity and profitability of a company from the first minute it is implemented. This is because your operations will no longer be affected by typical bandwidth or low-speed service issues.

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The 1: 1 link allows your connection to be constant at any time of the day, sending and receiving data at the same speed. If your company needs to exchange large amounts of information between locations or with your customers, there is no other technology on the market that comes close to offering a similar service.

Advantages of having a Fiber Optic connection

Digital transformation

Fiber optics is the gateway to the digital transformation of companies, functioning as a key catalyst for the implementation of new technologies.

With an Unifi Malaysia Fiber Optic connection, it is possible to implement more sophisticated business management systems that require high-speed connections for the transmission of information in large volume.

High speed in data transmission

As it is mentioned before, with the implementation of new technologies it is necessary to have high capacity networks that in UTP copper cable connections are not possible since they only allow a maximum of 100 Mbps, while a dedicated Fiber Optic Internet can easily overcome 10 Gbps depending on the service provider.

Greater Cybersecurity

A Fiber Optic Internet without security is like having a luxury car without insurance. Currently, the threats that exist on the web are so varied and dangerous that it is almost imperative to have connectivity providers with perimeter protection as a minimum requirement for a Secure Internet.

From denial of service (DDoS) attack that can threaten the continuity of operations, to a very dangerous Ransomware that hijacks valuable data with no guarantee of recovery.

These computer attacks are just 2 examples of the many existing on the Internet, where every day new cyberattacks come to light with increasingly sophisticated techniques. You have to know about all this especially when you are dealing with penetration testing.