Everything You Need For Your First Condo Or Apartment 

Owning or renting our first home is very exciting. Moving out of your parent’s place or moving out of your friend’s one-bedroom apartment, is a huge deal to most of us. It is your first chance at decorating your own space and calling it your own home. The feeling of sitting in your home and your sofa is an indescribable feeling and encompasses a great feeling of achievement as well. 

But do we have all we need for our first apartment? Are you missing out on some very important things for your new home. Are you cooking and making your first meal, only to realize you forgot the knives,, the dishes and the water filter? Every apartment has a list of essentials we must never forget. Whether we are moving into our Dutmas apartment for sale or Dutamas house for sale, the essentials remain the same. So what are the little things we must buy for our first ever home?


You never know when you might need to reach for a pack of paracetamol or some bandage gauzes after a kitchen accident. In your new home, it is unlikely that you might have any medication stocked up. So don’t forget to get a proper emergency kit with all the medications you may need for an emergency

An Extra Set Of Duvet

Having your own home means now you have your own house guests. The biggest nightmare of having a guest over is not having the house guest supplies. This includes the extra set of the duvet, the extra towel, the extra set of bathroom slippers, all labeled as guest items. The extra set is a symbol of all the extras you would need for your home. 

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A lamp can set the perfect ambiance of your house. Depending on the type of lamp you obtain, you can transform the entire look of your room. Lamps are not just for the exterior décor. Lamps are also important to bring in the necessary light into your new Dutamas property or home. Having enough light can change our moods, day, and time for the better. 

Bedside Table 

Your bedside table is the best friend your bed needs. It is where you place your keys, cards, glasses, and laptop after a busy day. You don’t want to keep such important things on a bed. A bedside table is also where you keep the extra mugs and the bottle of water you need just in case you need water in the middle of the night or even during the daytime. No need to get out of the bed to get your much-needed hydration. Your bedside table is here for your rescue. 

Sheets And Pillows 

Sheets and pillows are more than just essentials. We absolutely need some beautiful sheets and comfortable pillows to sleep on. Not to mention the pillow covers as well! These are the essentials that we must have no matter where we are. Especially in our new home. You must have two to three sheets and pillow cover changes to ensure you have the most comfortable time in your bed. We spend most of our time in bed, and it only makes sense that we take our time to decorate it to our heart’s content.

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