Do Brands Need Interior Design Influencers

How many times have we heard about influencer marketing not working out? Despite being one of the more powerful marketing tactics, brands have complained about how influencer marketing has not gone their way. Some of these brands include home decor niches, furnishing, and designing. Brands throw hands and find the influencers with the most followers for their products. However, this is far from how actual influencer marketing works. 


Brands have to consider the type of influencers they need. With so many influencers in various niches, it is important to consider what type of includes work the best for your brand and your brand story. Today we are going to talk about why you need interior design influencers. There are so many different types of brands that require the power of interior design influencers. Some of them are brands that sell home decor, home decorators, interior design consultancies, and sometimes even online real estate businesses. 


Interior design influencers are responsible for many different things. They curate content based on the beautification of our home and helping their audience get the best deals on the market. They also instill inspiration in home buyers and home decorators. Because of their artistic design skills and instincts, they have a wide audience that is interested in their skills. Brands could use interior design influencers to improve brand awareness among their target audience. But in order to do that, they have to make sure both your interior design influencer and your brand have the same target audience. The target audience should share similarities in interest, demographics, psychographics, and even geography. If your interior design influencer is in Norway while your target audience is to reach out to those in Kapar, then your money may be wasted on the wrong influencer. 

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Another thing about getting your brand an interior design influencer is you have to make sure the influencer has a good connection with the audience.  Having five million followers does not make you someone who can drive customers to your brand. Sometimes mega influencers can have less connection with their audience compared to micro-influencers. Choose an influencer for your brand based on their engagement, and not the vanity measures. Vanity measures refer to things like likes, following numbers, and things that simply look good on social media. However, what actually generates results is the number of shares they have, how many meaningful comments they get and how much of their content gets saved by people within the platform. This is a better indication that your influencer has a greater reach and connection. 


Improving your social media presence does involve working well with your interior design influencer. But getting a random influencer is not the end of the story. You have to see if they are able to communicate the brand story well and bring your brand into a genuine and authentic spotlight. If the influencer is able to speak brand values properly, it promotes the products and services provided by your brand. In a reliable manner. Taking aesthetic photos is important but what’s even more important is their ability to communicate your brand.