Brand Agency In Malaysia

Mirum Agency

This is an established agency that has over 2500 digital intellectuals and scholars, storytellers, makers, and persistent inquisitive people that are combined as a team. It is operating in 24 countries, working as a worldwide network of specialists to manage the business and develop innovative digital grounding nationwide and worldwide. Their outlook and viewpoint are to be business-minded and to build an active team that able to combine planning, creativity, technology, media, and analytics to exert innovation. Mirum Agency engages and collab with clients, and to classify the silos that keep brands from conveying significant client encounters. They analyze data to able to make work convenient and take an acute offer to betterment the experiences they make. Mirum Agency always thrives for solutions and impact.

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Graphic LAB Malaysia

Established in 2011 and 99.8% owned by Bumiputera, Graphic LAP Malaysia (GLM) is also known as 360 Branding & Creative Agency that owns a good skill scientist and experts in Creative Industry. They evaluate and ensure their creative work that extends out from the crowd. It is a full-service Branding & Creative Agency. They will be doing their research on your company to detect indifference, inspect your objective, goals, vision, mission, and value, and experiment competitive landscape. They will define your brand by reasoning the importance and values to produce and the profile that fits you. In their performing skill, they build your identity and image recognition of your business, providing you with a strong chance to engage with your clients. And finally, GLB develops all the components cooperatively, and only when you approve they incorporate the next step.

Dreamteam Worldwide

It is a composite Creative Agency expert in traditional art and digital marketing communicating design. They are specialized to be fast, lean, and persistent. Dreamteam Worldwide is a brand warrior of tomorrow. They market communicators designs, provide brand consulting and storytelling, traditional & digital advertising, offers user experience design (UX), online and offline video production,n and motion graphic and animation design. Their focus is mainly on advertising, branding, and UX/UI design. 


NOKUA is an award-winning branding and advertising agency in Malaysia that was established in 2007.  They believe that art brings worth to human life and manifests it in the company’s core mission, which is to build a positive impact through artistry and innovation in the world. NOKUA constructs with the idea that clients are very important. This branding agency works closely with you to contrive the key element that rationalizes the marketplace in many ways that are possible. Their expertise is in strategy, advertising, branding, graphic design and print, website design, video production, and execution across multiple media platforms. 

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