Big Data Is Impacting Every Industry

Big data has the power to make anything that is abstract more concrete, believable and persuasive. Nowadays, our life has been changed a lot by the changes brought by big data.

We deal with big data every day. We, individuals, are not only receivers of data, but also producers of data. On one hand, we download, we read, we browse, so we consume data. While on the other hand, we upload, we write, we participate, thus we are leaving a trail and are actually generating data. In such an environment of both consumption and production, we have become inseparable from data in every aspect.

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Big data is growing very fast. Before we are even aware of it, it may be impacting every industry.

For example, stock price forecasting in economics and finance. Traditional stock price prediction is to estimate the risk, income, enterprise’s evaluation and so on through some professional models, and use special theories and methods to estimate the stock price. But in real life, there are “people’s expectations”, and everyone’s expectations are different, and it becomes very difficult to estimate “expectations”. Therefore, through the big data, consider and introduce various perspectives, and build a stock price prediction model. This has brought great convenience and breakthrough to the economic and financial field.

Big data is also making a difference in sports. Athletes or coaches collect panoramic data on muscles, blood, heart, movements, tactics, teams and more to plan for training and competitions. Therefore, sports science and technology have huge development space at present.

As for law, big data is also relevant. Because of the diversity and openness of data, awareness and advocacy of data protection becomes extremely important. For example, if a piece of data “belonging to you” or “about you” is leaked and infringed on your rights, can the law defend you? This is a subject that is still being discussed and debated.

In addition, big data plays a very important role in urban management. Under the coordination of digital urban management, the responsible units of urban management use big data to carry out fine management of the city, such as administrative law enforcement, city appearance order, emergencies and other urban management issues.

Furthermore, the arts can also benefit from big data. In addition to traditional materials and ways of expression, such as sketching, copying, etc., data materials in the era of big data also create new ways of expression. Some people use the flight path of an airplane or the track of a person running to create a picture. This kind of material gives rise to artistic innovation.

Because of data protection and backup needs, industries seek out and use top backup software. The data of the industry is related to the internal information of the members of an industry and also affects the development of an industry, so data backup plays an important role in the development of the industry.